Paper: TMTprime: A Recommender System for MT and TM Integration

ACL ID N13-3003
Title TMTprime: A Recommender System for MT and TM Integration
Venue Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2013

TMTprime is a recommender system that fa- cilitates the effective use of both transla- tion memory (TM) and machine translation (MT) technology within industrial language service providers (LSPs) localization work- flows. LSPs have long used Translation Mem- ory (TM) technology to assist the translation process. Recent research shows how MT sys- tems can be combined with TMs in Computer Aided Translation (CAT) systems, selecting either TM or MT output based on sophis- ticated translation quality estimation without access to a reference. However, to date there are no commercially available frameworks for this. TMTprime takes confidence estimation out of the lab and provides a commercially vi- able platform that allows for the seamless inte- gration of MT with legacy TM systems to pro- vide ...