Paper: Computational psycholinguistics

ACL ID N10-4007
Title Computational psycholinguistics
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Tutorial Abstracts
Year 2010

, pages 19–20, Los Angeles, California, June 2010. c©2010 Association for Computational Linguistics Computational psycholinguistics Roger Levy, Klinton Bicknell, and Nathaniel Smith University of California, San Diego 1. Brief Description Over the last two decades, computational linguistics has been revolutionized as a result of three closely related developments, two empirical and one theoretical: increases in computing power, the new availability of large linguistic datasets, and a paradigm shift toward the view that language processing by computers is best approached through the tools of statistical inference. During roughly the same time frame, there have been similar theoretical developments in cognitive psychology towards a view of major aspects of human cognition as instance...