Paper: Distributional Semantic Models

ACL ID N10-4006
Title Distributional Semantic Models
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Tutorial Abstracts
Year 2010

, pages 15–18, Los Angeles, California, June 2010. c©2010 Association for Computational Linguistics Distributional Semantic Models Stefan Evert, University of Osnabrück 1. DESCRIPTION Distributional semantic models (DSM) -- also known as "word space" or "distributional similarity" models -- are based on the assumption that the meaning of a word can (at least to a certain extent) be inferred from its usage, i.e. its distribution in text. Therefore, these models dynamically build semantic representations -- in the form of high- dimensional vector spaces -- through a statistical analysis of the contexts in which words occur. DSMs are a promising technique for solving the lexical acquisition bottleneck by unsupervised learning, and their distributed representation provides a cognit...