Paper: Multilingual Propbank Annotation Tools: Cornerstone and Jubilee

ACL ID N10-2004
Title Multilingual Propbank Annotation Tools: Cornerstone and Jubilee
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session System Demonstration
Year 2010

This paper demonstrates two annotation tools related to Propbank: Cornerstone and Jubilee. Propbank is a corpus in which the arguments of each verb pred- icate are annotated with their semantic roles. Propbank annotation also requires the choice of a sense id for each predicate, defined in the corresponding frameset file. Jubilee expedites the annotation process by displaying several resources of syntactic and semantic information simultaneously; easy access to each of these resources al- lows the annotator to quickly absorb and apply the necessary syntactic and semantic information pertinent to each predicate for consistent and efficient annotation. Cor- nerstone is a user-friendly xml editor, cus- tomized to allow frame authors to create and edit frameset files. Both tools have been succ...