Paper: The viability of web-derived polarity lexicons

ACL ID N10-1119
Title The viability of web-derived polarity lexicons
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

We examine the viability of building large polarity lexicons semi-automatically from the web. We begin by describing a graph propa- gation framework inspired by previous work on constructing polarity lexicons from lexi- cal graphs (Kim and Hovy, 2004; Hu and Liu, 2004; Esuli and Sabastiani, 2009; Blair- Goldensohn et al., 2008; Rao and Ravichan- dran, 2009). We then apply this technique to build an English lexicon that is signifi- cantly larger than those previously studied. Crucially, this web-derived lexicon does not require WordNet, part-of-speech taggers, or other language-dependent resources typical of sentiment analysis systems. As a result, the lexicon is not limited to specific word classes – e.g., adjectives that occur in WordNet – and in fact contains slang, misspellings, mul...