Paper: Learning to Link Entities with Knowledge Base

ACL ID N10-1072
Title Learning to Link Entities with Knowledge Base
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

This paper address the problem of entity link- ing. Specifically, given an entity mentioned in unstructured texts, the task is to link this entity with an entry stored in the existing knowledge base. This is an important task for informa- tion extraction. It can serve as a convenient gateway to encyclopedic information, and can greatly improve the web users’ experience. Previous learning based solutions mainly fo- cus on classification framework. However, it’s more suitable to consider it as a ranking prob- lem. In this paper, we propose a learning to rank algorithm for entity linking. It effectively utilizes the relationship information among the candidates when ranking. The experi- ment results on the TAC 20091 dataset demon- strate the effectiveness of our proposed frame- work. The ...