Paper: Fast Query for Large Treebanks

ACL ID N10-1034
Title Fast Query for Large Treebanks
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

A variety of query systems have been devel- oped for interrogating parsed corpora, or tree- banks. With the arrival of efficient, wide- coverage parsers, it is feasible to create very large databases of trees. However, existing ap- proaches that use in-memory search, or rela- tional or XML database technologies, do not scale up. We describe a method for storage, indexing, and query of treebanks that uses an information retrieval engine. Several experi- ments with a large treebank demonstrate ex- cellent scaling characteristics for a wide range of query types. This work facilitates the cu- ration of much larger treebanks, and enables them to be used effectively in a variety of sci- entific and engineering tasks.