Paper: Invited Talk: Recognition and Understanding of Meetings

ACL ID N10-1001
Title Invited Talk: Recognition and Understanding of Meetings
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

This paper is about interpreting human com- munication in meetings using audio, video and other signals. Automatic meeting recognition and understanding is extremely challenging, since communication in a meeting is sponta- neous and conversational, and involves mul- tiple speakers and multiple modalities. This leads to a number of significant research prob- lems in signal processing, in speech recog- nition, and in discourse interpretation, tak- ing account of both individual and group be- haviours. Addressing these problems requires an interdisciplinary effort. In this paper, I discuss the capture and annotation of multi- modal meeting recordings—resulting in the AMI meeting corpus—and how we have built on this to develop techniques and applications for the recognition and interpretat...