Paper: VerbNet overview extensions mappings and applications

ACL ID N09-4007
Title VerbNet overview extensions mappings and applications
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Tutorial Abstracts
Year 2009

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce and discuss VerbNet, a broad coverage verb lexicon freely available on-line. VerbNet contains explicit syntactic and semantic information for classes of verbs and has mappings to several other widely-used lexical resources, including WordNet, PropBank, and FrameNet. Since its first release in 2005 VerbNet is being used by a large number of researchers as a means of characterizing verbs and verb classes. The first part of the tutorial will include an overview of the original Levin verb classification; introduce the main VerbNet components, such as thematic roles and syntactic and semantic representations, and present a comparison with other available lexical resources. During the second part of the tutorial, we will explore VerbNet extensions (how n...