Paper: Towards Unsupervised Recognition of Dialogue Acts

ACL ID N09-3015
Title Towards Unsupervised Recognition of Dialogue Acts
Venue HLT-NAACL Companion Volume: Student Research Workshop and Doctoral Consortium
Year 2009

When engaged in dialogues, people per- form communicative actions to pursue specific communicative goals. Speech acts recogni- tion attracted computational linguistics since long time and could impact considerably a huge variety of application domains. We study the task of automatic labeling dialogues with the proper dialogue acts, relying on empiri- cal methods and simply exploiting lexical se- mantics of the utterances. In particular, we present some experiments in supervised and unsupervised framework on both an English and an Italian corpus of dialogue transcrip- tions. The evaluation displays encouraging re- sults in both languages, especially in the unsu- pervised version of the methodology.