Paper: Joint Parsing and Named Entity Recognition

ACL ID N09-1037
Title Joint Parsing and Named Entity Recognition
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

For many language technology applications, such as question answering, the overall sys- tem runs several independent processors over the data (such as a named entity recognizer, a coreference system, and a parser). This eas- ily results in inconsistent annotations, which are harmful to the performance of the aggre- gate system. We begin to address this prob- lem with a joint model of parsing and named entity recognition, based on a discriminative feature-based constituency parser. Our model produces a consistent output, where the named entity spans do not conflict with the phrasal spans of the parse tree. The joint represen- tation also allows the information from each type of annotation to improve performance on the other, and, in experiments with the OntoNotes corpus, we found improvemen...