Paper: Knowledge-Based Labeling of Semantic Relationships in English

ACL ID N07-3004
Title Knowledge-Based Labeling of Semantic Relationships in English
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Doctoral Consortium
Year 2007

An increasing number of NLP tasks re- quire semantic labels to be assigned, not only to entities that appear in textual ele- ments, but to the relationships between those entities. Interest is growing in shal- low semantic role labeling as well as in deep semantic distance metrics grounded in ontologies, as each of these contributes to better understanding and organization of text. In this work I apply knowledge- based techniques to identify and explore deep semantic relationships in several styles of English text: nominal com- pounds, full sentences in the domain of knowledge acquisition, and phrase-level labels for images in a collection. I also present work on a graphical tool for ex- ploring the relationship between domain text and deep domain knowledge.