Paper: Automatic Acquisition of Grammatical Types for Nouns

ACL ID N07-2002
Title Automatic Acquisition of Grammatical Types for Nouns
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Short Paper
Year 2007

The work 1 we present here is concerned with the acquisition of deep grammati- cal information for nouns in Spanish. The aim is to build a learner that can handle noise, but, more interestingly, that is able to overcome the problem of sparse data, especially important in the case of nouns. We have based our work on two main points. Firstly, we have used distributional evidences as fea- tures. Secondly, we made the learner deal with all occurrences of a word as a single complex unit. The obtained re- sults show that grammatical features of nouns is a level of generalization that can be successfully approached with a Decision Tree learner.