Paper: Can Semantic Roles Generalize Across Genres?

ACL ID N07-1069
Title Can Semantic Roles Generalize Across Genres?
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

PropBank has been widely used as train- ing data for Semantic Role Labeling. However, because this training data is takenfromthe WSJ,theresultingmachine learning models tend to overfit on idiosyn- crasies of that text’s style, and do not port well to other genres. In addition, since PropBank was designed on a verb-by-verb basis, the argument labels Arg2 - Arg5 get used for very diverse argument roles with inconsistent training instances. For exam- ple, the verb “make” uses Arg2 for the “Material” argument; but the verb “multi- ply” uses Arg2 for the “Extent” argument. As a result, it can be difficult for auto- matic classifiers to learn to distinguish ar- guments Arg2-Arg5. We have created a mapping between PropBank and VerbNet that provides a VerbNet thematic role la- be...