Paper: Extracting Semantic Orientations of Phrases from Dictionary

ACL ID N07-1037
Title Extracting Semantic Orientations of Phrases from Dictionary
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

We propose a method for extracting se- mantic orientations of phrases (pairs of an adjective and a noun): positive, negative, or neutral. Given an adjective, the seman- tic orientation classification of phrases can be reduced to the classification of words. We construct a lexical network by con- necting similar/related words. In the net- work, each node has one of the three ori- entation values and the neighboring nodes tend to have the same value. We adopt the Potts model for the probability model of the lexical network. For each adjec- tive, we estimate the states of the nodes, which indicate the semantic orientations of the adjective-noun pairs. Unlike ex- isting methods for phrase classification, the proposed method can classify phrases consisting of unseen words. We also pro- pose to ...