Paper: Direct Translation Model 2

ACL ID N07-1008
Title Direct Translation Model 2
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

This paper presents a maximum entropy ma- chine translation system using a minimal set of translation blocks (phrase-pairs). While recent phrase-based statistical machine trans- lation (SMT) systems achieve significant im- provement over the original source-channel sta- tistical translation models, they 1) use a large inventory of blocks which have significant over- lap and 2) limit the use of training to just a few parameters (on the order of ten). In con- trast, we show that our proposed minimalist system (DTM2) achieves equal or better per- formance by 1) recasting the translation prob- lem in the traditional statistical modeling ap- proach using blocks with no overlap and 2) re- lying on training most system parameters (on the order of millions or larger). The new model is a direct tra...