Paper: Improved Affinity Graph Based Multi-Document Summarization

ACL ID N06-2046
Title Improved Affinity Graph Based Multi-Document Summarization
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Short Paper
Year 2006

This paper describes an affinity graph based approach to multi-document sum- marization. We incorporate a diffusion process to acquire semantic relationships between sentences, and then compute in- formation richness of sentences by a graph rank algorithm on differentiated in- tra-document links and inter-document links between sentences. A greedy algo- rithm is employed to impose diversity penalty on sentences and the sentences with both high information richness and high information novelty are chosen into the summary. Experimental results on task 2 of DUC 2002 and task 2 of DUC 2004 demonstrate that the proposed ap- proach outperforms existing state-of-the- art systems.