Paper: Thai Grapheme-Based Speech Recognition

ACL ID N06-2005
Title Thai Grapheme-Based Speech Recognition
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Short Paper
Year 2006

In this paper we present the results for building a grapheme-based speech recogni- tion system for Thai. We experiment with different settings for the initial context in- dependent system, different number of acoustic models and different contexts for the speech unit. In addition, we investigate the potential of an enhanced tree clustering method as a way of sharing parameters across models. We compare our system with two phoneme-based systems; one that uses a hand-crafted dictionary and another that uses an automatically generated dic- tionary. Experiment results show that the grapheme-based system with enhanced tree clustering outperforms the phoneme-based system using an automatically generated dictionary, and has comparable results to the phoneme-based system with the hand- crafted dic...