Paper: Semantic Role Labeling Of Nominalized Predicates In Chinese

ACL ID N06-1055
Title Semantic Role Labeling Of Nominalized Predicates In Chinese
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2006
  • Nianwen Xue (University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder CO)

Recent work on semantic role labeling (SRL) has focused almost exclusively on the analysis of the predicate-argument structure of verbs, largely due to the lack of human-annotated resources for other types of predicates that can serve as train- ing and test data for the semantic role labeling systems. However, it is well- known that verbs are not the only type of predicates that can take arguments. Most notably, nouns that are nominalized forms of verbs and relational nouns gen- erally are also considered to have their own predicate-argument structure. In this paper we report results of SRL experi- ments on nominalized predicates in Chi- nese, using a newly completed corpus, the Chinese Nombank. We also dis- cuss the impact of using publicly avail- able manually annotated verb data to im- ...