Paper: Understanding Temporal Expressions In Emails

ACL ID N06-1018
Title Understanding Temporal Expressions In Emails
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2006

Recent years have seen increasing re- search on extracting and using temporal information in natural language applica- tions. However most of the works found in the literature have focused on identi- fying and understanding temporal expres- sions in newswire texts. In this paper we report our work on anchoring tempo- ral expressions in a novel genre, emails. The highly under-specified nature of these expressions fits well with our constraint- based representation of time, Time Cal- culus for Natural Language (TCNL). We have developed and evaluated a Tempo- ral Expression Anchoror (TEA), and the result shows that it performs significantly better than the baseline, and compares fa- vorably with some of the closely related work.