Paper: A Lightweight Semantic Chunker Based On Tagging

ACL ID N04-4037
Title A Lightweight Semantic Chunker Based On Tagging
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Short Paper
Year 2004

In this paper, a framework for the develop- ment of a fast, accurate, and highly portable semantic chunker is introduced. The frame- work is based on a non-overlapping, shallow tree-structured language. The derivation of the tree is considered as a sequence of tagging ac- tions in a predefined linguistic context, and a novel semantic chunker is accordingly devel- oped. It groups the phrase chunks into the ar- guments of a given predicate in a bottom-up fashion. This is quite different from current approaches to semantic parsing or chunking that depend on full statistical syntactic parsers that require tree bank style annotation. We compare it with a recently proposed word-by- word semantic chunker and present results that show that the phrase-by-phrase approach performs better than its wor...