Paper: A Thai Speech Translation System For Medical Dialogs

ACL ID N04-3010
Title A Thai Speech Translation System For Medical Dialogs
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session System Demonstration
Year 2004

Thai has some particular characteristics which we addressed in IF and appear in the grammars as follows: 1) The use of a term to indicate the gender of the person: Thai: zookhee kha1 Eng: okay (ending) s[acknowledge] (zookhee *[speaker=]) 2) An affirmation that means more than simply "yes." Thai: saap khrap Eng: know (ending) s[affirm+knowledge](saap *[speaker=]) 3) The separation from the main verb of terms for feasibility and other modalities. Thai: rvv khun ca paj dooj thxksii kyydaaj Eng: or you will go by taxi [can too] s[give-information+feasibility+trip] (*DISC-RHET [who=] ca paj [locomotion=] [feasibility=]) 4. Language Generation For natural language generation from interlingua for Thai and English, we are currently investigating two options: a knowledge-based generation with the ...