Paper: MiTAP For SARS Detection

ACL ID N04-3004
Title MiTAP For SARS Detection
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session System Demonstration
Year 2004

The MiTAP prototype for SARS detection uses human language technology for detect- ing, monitoring, and analyzing potential indi- cators of infectious disease outbreaks and reasoning for issuing warnings and alerts. Mi- TAP focuses on providing timely, multi- lingual information access to analysts, domain experts, and decision-makers worldwide. Data sources are captured, filtered, translated, summarized, and categorized by content. Critical information is automatically extracted and tagged to facilitate browsing, searching, and scanning, and to provide key terms at a glance. The processed articles are made avail- able through an easy-to-use news server and cross-language information retrieval system for access and analysis anywhere, any time. Specialized newsgroups and customizable fil- ter...