Paper: Greek Word Segmentation Using Minimal Information

ACL ID N04-2008
Title Greek Word Segmentation Using Minimal Information
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Student Session
Year 2004

Several computational simulations have been proposed for how children solve the word segmentation problem, but most have been tested only on a limited number of languages, often only English. In order to extend the cross-linguistic dimension of word segmenta- tion research, a finite-state framework for test- ing various models of word segmentation is sketched, and a very simple cue is tested in this framework. Data is taken from Modern Greek, a language with phonological patterns distinct from English. A small-scale simula- tion shows using this cue performs signifi- cantly better than chance. The utility and flexibility of the finite-state approach is con- firmed; suggestions for improvement are noted and directions for future work outlined.