Paper: A Computational Framework For Non-Lexicalist Semantics

ACL ID N04-2004
Title A Computational Framework For Non-Lexicalist Semantics
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Student Session
Year 2004
  • Jimmy Lin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA)

Under a lexicalist approach to semantics, a verb completely encodes its syntactic and semantic structures, along with the relevant syntax-to- semantics mapping; polysemy is typically at- tributed to the existence of different lexical en- tries. A lexicon organized in this fashion con- tains much redundant information and is un- able to capture cross-categorial morphological derivations. The solution is to spread the “se- mantic load” of lexical entries to other mor- phemes not typically taken to bear semantic content. This approach follows current trends in linguistic theory, and more perspicuously ac- counts for alternations in argument structure. I demonstrate how such a framework can be computationally realized with a feature-based, agenda-driven chart parser for the Minimalist Prog...