Paper: Lattice-Based Search For Spoken Utterance Retrieval

ACL ID N04-1017
Title Lattice-Based Search For Spoken Utterance Retrieval
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

Recent work on spoken document retrieval has suggested that it is adequate to take the single- best output of ASR, and perform text retrieval on this output. This is reasonable enough for the task of retrieving broadcast news stories, where word error rates are relatively low, and the stories are long enough to contain much redundancy. But it is patently not reasonable if one’s task is to retrieve a short snippet of speech in a domain where WER’s can be as high as 50%; such would be the situation with teleconference speech, where one’s task is to find if and when a participant uttered a certain phrase. In this paper we propose an indexing proce- dure for spoken utterance retrieval that works on lattices rather than just single-best text. We demonstrate that this procedure can improve...