Paper: Ensemble-Based Active Learning For Parse Selection

ACL ID N04-1012
Title Ensemble-Based Active Learning For Parse Selection
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2004

Supervised estimation methods are widely seen as being superior to semi and fully unsuper- vised methods. However, supervised methods crucially rely upon training sets that need to be manually annotated. This can be very ex- pensive, especially when skilled annotators are required. Active learning (AL) promises to help reduce this annotation cost. Within the complex domain of HPSG parse selection, we show that ideas from ensemble learning can help further reduce the cost of annotation. Our main results show that at times, an ensemble model trained with randomly sampled exam- ples can outperform a single model trained us- ing AL. However, converting the single-model AL method into an ensemble-based AL method shows that even this much stronger baseline model can be improved upon. Our best re...