Paper: Automatically Discovering Word Senses

ACL ID N03-4011
Title Automatically Discovering Word Senses
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session System Demonstration
Year 2003

The Distributional Hypothesis (Harris 1985) states that words that occur in the same contexts tend to be similar. There have been many approaches to compute the similarity between words based on their distribution in a corpus (Hindle 1990; Landauer and Dumais 1997; Lin 1998). The output of these programs is a ranked list of similar words to each word. For example, Lin’s approach outputs the following similar words for wine and suit: wine: beer, white wine, red wine, Chardonnay, champagne, fruit, food, coffee, juice, Cabernet, cognac, vinegar, Pinot noir, milk, vodka,… suit: lawsuit, jacket, shirt, pant, dress, case, sweater, coat, trouser, claim, business suit, blouse, skirt, litigation, … The similar words of wine represent the meaning of wine. However, the similar words of suit rep...