Paper: TAP-XL: An Automated Analyst's Assistant

ACL ID N03-4004
Title TAP-XL: An Automated Analyst's Assistant
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session System Demonstration
Year 2003

The TAP-XL Automated Analyst’s Assistant is an application designed to help an English- speaking analyst write a topical report, culling information from a large inflow of multi- lingual, multimedia data. It gives users the ability to spend their time finding more data relevant to their task, and gives them translingual reach into other languages by leveraging human language technology. 1 System Description The TAP-XL system exploits language technology to monitor the user’s interactions with the system and provide suggestions of relevant information to analysts, maximizing time spent reading relevant documents and writing reports. Any document, passage, or fact that a user saves in a report is deemed to be valuable, and the TAP-XL system then proactively suggests related information t...