Paper: Alias-I Threat Trackers

ACL ID N03-4002
Title Alias-I Threat Trackers
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session System Demonstration
Year 2003

Alias-i ThreatTrackers are an advanced information access application designed around the needs of analysts working through a large daily data feed. ThreatTrackers help analysts decompose an information gathering topic like the unfolding political situation in Iraq into specifications including people, places, organizations and relationships. These specifications are then used to collect and browse information on a daily basis. The nearest related technologies are information retrieval (search engines), document categorization, information extraction and named entity detection.ThreatTrackers are currently being used in the Total Information Awareness program. Keywords Search, coreference, anaphora, information access. 1. Description of Demo Alias-i ThreatTrackers are an advanced informatio...