Paper: Word Sense Acquisition From Bilingual Comparable Corpora

ACL ID N03-1015
Title Word Sense Acquisition From Bilingual Comparable Corpora
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2003

Manually constructing an inventory of word senses has suffered from problems including high cost, arbitrary assignment of meaning to words, and mismatch to domains. To over- come these problems, we propose a method to assign word meaning from a bilingual comparable corpus and a bilingual dictionary. It clusters second-language translation equivalents of a first-language target word on the basis of their translingually aligned dis- tribution patterns. Thus it produces a hierar- chy of corpus-relevant meanings of the target word, each of which is defined with a set of translation equivalents. The effectiveness of the method has been demonstrated through an experiment using a comparable corpus con- sisting of Wall Street Journal and Nihon Kei- zai Shimbun corpora together with the EDR bilingu...