Paper: In Question Answering Two Heads Are Better Than One

ACL ID N03-1004
Title In Question Answering Two Heads Are Better Than One
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2003

Motivated by the success of ensemble methods in machine learning and other areas of natu- ral language processing, we developed a multi- strategy and multi-source approach to question answering which is based on combining the re- sults from different answering agents searching for answers in multiple corpora. The answer- ing agents adopt fundamentally different strate- gies, one utilizing primarily knowledge-based mechanisms and the other adopting statistical techniques. We present our multi-level answer resolution algorithm that combines results from the answering agents at the question, passage, and/or answer levels. Experiments evaluating the effectiveness of our answer resolution algo- rithm show a 35.0% relative improvement over our baseline system in the number of questions correctly...