Paper: Description Of The SAIC DX System As Used For MUC-6

ACL ID M95-1016
Title Description Of The SAIC DX System As Used For MUC-6
Venue Message Understanding Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1995
  • Lance A. Miller (Science Applications International Corporation, McLean VA)

There is also a global test Y which has to succeed, all this i n the right context of E . If all this LHS succeeds, then B and C are to be permuted, D is to be deleted, an d F is to be added (inserted between C and B), with neither A nor E being further involved . With LHS context-sensitivity and the ability to permute, add, and delete LHS elements -and also unrestricted lookahead -the rewrite power is essentially unconstrained, beyond recursively-enumerable context-sensitiv e grammars, having the power of a Turing machine. Local and global constraints (the third feature) have been illustrated, and they are often expressed in practice by dropping into full Scheme code (the fourth feature) . The fifth feature, expansion is very useful when the "chars" attribute is a mixture of letters/numbe...