Paper: Design Of The MUC-6 Evaluation

ACL ID M95-1001
Title Design Of The MUC-6 Evaluation
Venue Message Understanding Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1995

The sixth in a series of "Message Understanding Conferences ", which are designed to promote and evaluate research in information extraction, was held last fall . MUC-6 introduced several innovation s over prior MUCs, most notably in the range of different tasks for which evaluations were conducted . We describe the development of the "message understanding" task over the course of the prior MUCs, som e of the motivations for the new format, and the steps which led up to the formal evaluation .) THE MUC EVALUATION S Last fall we completed the sixth in a series of Message Understanding Conferences, which have been or- ganized by NRAD, the RDT&E division of the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Cente r (formerly NOSC, the Naval Ocean Systems Center) with the support of DARPA, the...