Paper: GE NLTOOLSET: MUC-4 Test Results And Analysis

ACL ID M92-1008
Title GE NLTOOLSET: MUC-4 Test Results And Analysis
Venue Message Understanding Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1992

This paper reports on the GE NLTooLSET customization effort for MUC-4, and analyzes th e results of the TST3 and TST4 runs. INTRODUCTIO N We report on the GE results from the MUC-4 conference and provide an analysis of system performance . In general, MUC-4 was a very successful effort for GE. The NLTooLSET, a suite of natural language tex t processing tools designed for easy application in new domains, proved its mettle, as we were quickly able t o integrate the changes from the MUC-3 to the MUC-4 task . On the positive side, MUC-4 provided a thorough, fair test of system capabilities, and allowed us t o implement and test new strategies within the context of a task-driven system . Once again, the methodology of testing on a real task, along with the benefit of a common corpus, has produc...