Paper: GE NLTOOLSET: MUC-3 Test Results And Analysis

ACL ID M91-1007
Title GE NLTOOLSET: MUC-3 Test Results And Analysis
Venue Message Understanding Conference
Session Main Conference
Year 1991

This paper reports on the GE NLTooLsET customization effort for MUC-3, and analyzes th e results of the TST2 run . Although our own tests had shown steady improvement between TST1 and TST2, our official scores on TST2 were lower than on TST1 . The analysis of this unexpected result explains some of the details of the i1'UC-3 test, and we propose ways of looking at the scores . to distinguish different aspects of system performance . INTRODUCTIO N We report on the GE results from the MUC-3 conference and provide an analysis of system performance . In general, MUC-3 was a very successful effort for GE. The NLTooLsET, a suite of natural language tex t processing tools designed for easy application in new domains, proved its mettle, as we were quickly able t o show good results on the MUC-3 ta...