Paper: Reusable Tagset Conversion Using Tagset Drivers

ACL ID L08-1429
Title Reusable Tagset Conversion Using Tagset Drivers
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Objects in English 1993 Kluwer Dordrecht odification of their clausal hosts. The PDTB takes a different approach to discourse annotation in that it recognizes only relations between two propositions, or more generally, two abstract objects (Asher, 1993), the kinds likely to be syntactically instantiated as VP- or S-modification.4 Given our observations that ELABORATION/EXPANSION parentheticals occur mostly as NPmodifiers, it follows straightforward Asher, 1993 N. Asher. 1993. Reference to Abstract Objects in English. Kluwer, Dordrecht. O Bonami D Godard