Paper: User-Centred Design of Error Correction Tools

ACL ID L08-1324
Title User-Centred Design of Error Correction Tools
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

ng 1995 Journal of the American Society for Information Science 46 162--174 e a single term; and measures of ‘termhood’indicating the association strength of a term to domain concepts. For measuring ‘unithood’measures such as mutual information (Daille 1996), log likelihood (Cohen 1995), t-test (Fahmi, Bouma, & van der Plas 2007; Wermter & Hahn 2005), and the notion of ‘modifiability’ and its variants (Caraballo & Charniak 1999; Deane 2005; Wermter & Hahn 2005) are employed. In con Cohen, 1995 Cohen, J. D. 1995. Highlights: Language- and domainindependent automatic indexing terms for abstracting. Journal of the American So...