Paper: OpenCCG Workbench and Visualization Tool

ACL ID L08-1321
Title OpenCCG Workbench and Visualization Tool
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

semantic representations of the source utterances and require human judges to s Gates, Lavie, Levin, Waibel, Gavalda, Woszczyna, M, Zhan, 1996 Gates, D., Lavie, A., Levin, L., Waibel, A., Gavalda, M. Mayfield, L., Woszczyna, M., and P. Zhan. (1996). End-to-End Evaluation in JANUS: a Speech-to-speech Translation System. In Proceedings of the ECAI Workshop on Dialogue Processing in Spoken Language Systems, pp. 195-206. M King Evaluating natural language processing systems 1996 Communications of the ACM 39 73--79 . 2. Previous Work Researchers have recognized th...