Paper: Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia

ACL ID L08-1267
Title Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

ng from the corpus frequencies in weights assigned to features of the given LU; a feature is a particular instance of a lexico-morphosyntactic re a function that somehow measures the relevance of the feature cj to the LU wi. Natural candidates for the weight functions are measures based on probability distribution or on Information Theory. In (Piasecki et al., 2007b) several functions have been tested; the best result was achieved with the t_score measure, e.g., (Manning and Schütze, 2001), applied as the weight function fw: fw(w,c) = t_score(w,c) = M[w,c]− TFw e needs of a general automated test of MRS accuracy, we have adapted the idea of a WordNet-Based Similarity Test (WBST) (Freitag et al., 2005) to an evaluation similar to what we had done wit...