Paper: Chooser: a Multi-Task Annotation Tool

ACL ID L08-1247
Title Chooser: a Multi-Task Annotation Tool
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

noun is an expression of formalization, the meaning of an abstract noun is more transparent. An abstract noun sometimes refers to an upper-level concept (Takahashi 1975, Nemoto 1969). Some examples are given below. In the following example “jotai (condition)” can be omitted: (5) kokkai wa fuanteina joutai da. (national assembly) (unstable) (condition) (is an auxiliary indicating Nemoto, 1969 Nemoto, Kesao. (1969). The combination of the noun with “ga-Case” and the adjective, Language research 2 for the computer, National Language Research Institute: 63–73 (in Japanese) Takahashi, Takahashi.(1975) Various Phases Related to the Part-Whole Relationship Investigated in the Sentence, Studies in the Japanese language 103, The Society of...