Paper: Coding Emotional Events in Audiovisual Corpora

ACL ID L08-1159
Title Coding Emotional Events in Audiovisual Corpora
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

concept. They represent themselves, and can be examined as they are. This view is the opposite of most other approaches to corpus composition, eg., in DiaCORIS and BNC (Onelli et al., 2006; Ashton, 1996). The selection of the text and text sets is done by linguist researchers who want to do research on them. However, some basic sets will be more likely to be used for comparing the results of new set Ashton, 1996 Guy Ashton. 1996. The British National Corpus as a language learner resource. In S. Botley, J. Glass, T. McEnery A Wilson editors 1996 Proceedings of Teaching and Language Corpora ...