Paper: Building a Corpus of Temporal-Causal Structure

ACL ID L08-1018
Title Building a Corpus of Temporal-Causal Structure
Venue International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

T Fukushima M Okumura Text summarization challenge: text summarization in Japan 2001 in Proceedings of NAACL 2001 Workshop Automatic Summarization 51--59 Conferences (MUC) (Chinchor et al, 1993), TIPSTER SUMMAC Text Summarization Evaluation (Mani et al, 1998), Document Understanding Conference (DUC) (DUC, 2004), and Text Summarization Challenge (TSC) (Fukushima and Okumura, 2001), have attested the importance of this topic. The main difficulty in evaluating a summarization system is that there is not as yet, a clear definition for what constitutes a good summary. Another dif Fukushima, ...