Paper: Syntactic and Semantic Frames in PrepNet

ACL ID I08-2106
Title Syntactic and Semantic Frames in PrepNet
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

In this paper, we present an in depth revi- sion of the preliminary version of PrepNet, an lexical semantics database of preposition behaviors. This revision includes a much more detailed structure for the language re- alization level. 1 Aims Describing the syntax and the semantics of prepo- sitions, in a way similar to verbs (e.g. in FrameNet ( framenet/), or VerbNet ( or to nouns (as in WordNet and EuroWordNet) is obviously a very challenging, but necessary task. Preposi- tions turn out to be a very useful category in a number of applications such as indexing, knowl- edge extraction, textual entailment and question answering since they convey basic meanings of much interest like instruments, means, comparisons, amounts, approximations, lo...