Paper: Multilingual Text Entry using Automatic Language Detection

ACL ID I08-1058
Title Multilingual Text Entry using Automatic Language Detection
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Computer users increasingly need to pro- duce text written in multiple languages. However, typical computer interfaces re- quire the user to change the text entry soft- ware each time a different language is used. This is cumbersome, especially when lan- guage changes are frequent. To solve this problem, we propose TypeAny, a novel front-end interface that detects the language of the user’s key entry and au- tomatically dispatches the input to the ap- propriate text entry system. Unlike previ- ously reported methods, TypeAny can han- dle more than two languages, and can easily support any new language even if the avail- able corpus is small. When evaluating this method, we obtained language detection accuracy of 96.7% when an appropriate language had to be chosen from among three languag...