Paper: An Effective Compositional Model for Lexical Alignment

ACL ID I08-1013
Title An Effective Compositional Model for Lexical Alignment
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

The automatic compilation of bilingual dic- tionaries from comparable corpora has been successful for single-word terms (SWTs), but remains disappointing for multi-word terms (MWTs). One of the main problems is the insuf cient coverage of the bilingual dic- tionary. Using the compositional translation method improved the results, but still shows some limits for MWTs of different syntac- tic structures. In this paper, we propose to bridge the gap between syntactic structures through morphological links. The results show a signi cant improvement in the com- positional translation of MWTs that demon- strate the ef ciency of the morphologically based-method for lexical alignment.