Paper: UCSG: A Wide Coverage Shallow Parsing System

ACL ID I08-1010
Title UCSG: A Wide Coverage Shallow Parsing System
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

In this paper, we propose an architecture, called UCSG Shallow Parsing Architecture, for building wide coverageshallow parsers by using a judicious combination of linguistic and statistical techniques without need for large amount of parsed training corpus to start with. We only need a large POS tagged corpus. A parsed corpus can be developed using the architecture with minimal manual effort, and such a corpus can be used for evaluation as also for performance improve- ment. The UCSG architecture is designed to be extended into a full parsing system but the current work is limited to chunking and obtaining appropriate chunk sequences for a given sentence. In the UCSG architecture, a Finite State Grammar is designed to accept all possible chunks, referred to as word groups here. A separate ...