Paper: Story Link Detection based on Dynamic Information Extending

ACL ID I08-1006
Title Story Link Detection based on Dynamic Information Extending
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Topic Detection and Tracking refers to au- tomatic techniques for locating topically re- lated materials in streams of data. As the core technology of it, story link detection is to determine whether two stories are about the same topic. To overcome the limitation of the story length and the topic dynamic evolution problem in data streams, this pa- per presents a method of applying dynamic information extending to improve the per- formance of link detection. The proposed method uses previous latest related story to extend current processing story, generates new dynamic models for computing the sim- ilarity between the current two stories. The work is evaluated on the TDT4 Chinese cor- pus, and the experimental results indicate that story link detection using this method can make much bette...