Paper: Context-Sensitive Convolution Tree Kernel for Pronoun Resolution

ACL ID I08-1004
Title Context-Sensitive Convolution Tree Kernel for Pronoun Resolution
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

This paper proposes a context-sensitive convo- lution tree kernel for pronoun resolution. It re- solves two critical problems in previous researches in two ways. First, given a parse tree and a pair of an anaphor and an antecedent candidate, it implements a dynamic-expansion scheme to automatically determine a proper tree span for pronoun resolution by taking predicate- and antecedent competitor-related information into consideration. Second, it ap- plies a context-sensitive convolution tree ker- nel, which enumerates both context-free and context-sensitive sub-trees by considering their ancestor node paths as their contexts. Evalua- tion on the ACE 2003 corpus shows that our dynamic-expansion tree span scheme can well cover necessary structured information in the parse tree f...