Paper: Statistical Machine Translation Part I: Hands-On Introduction

ACL ID I05-2048
Title Statistical Machine Translation Part I: Hands-On Introduction
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session poster-demo-tutorial
Year 2005

Over the last few years dramatic improvements have been made, and a number of comparative evaluations have shown, that SMT gives competitive results to rule-based translation systems, requiring significantly less development time. This is particularly important when building translation systems for new language pairs or new domains. This workshop is intended to give an introduction to statistical machine translation with a focus on practical considerations. Participants should be able, after attending this workshop, to set out building an SMT system themselves and achieving good baseline results in a short time. The tutorial will cover the basics of SMT: • architecture of an SMT system • word alignment models, esp. IBM1 and HMM models • phrase alignment, from Viterbi path and direct ...